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  • Luke Bartlett (09/05/2024)

    Luke Bartlett (09/05/2024)

    At the May 2024 meetup, BCGS members were treated to a concert by rising star Like Bartlett, who pproaching his Finals Performance at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff, was selected as an IGF Young Artist 2024, is a Julian Bream Scholar and has recently won a prize for Voice and…

  • Giacomo Susani (20/04/2024)

    Giacomo Susani (20/04/2024)

    As part of its 2024 Concert Series, the Bristol Classical Guitar Society presented composer-guitarist Giacomo Susani on the 20th of April. This concert also represented a change in our usual […]

  • Better Call Duo (14/03/2024)

    Better Call Duo (14/03/2024)

    Chieko Hata and Stefano Palamidessi entertained us with a themed recital entitled Meaningful Pop. This programme of 20th century repertoire was performed on the Bristol leg of their tour of Italy, the UK and Japan which returned to Radio Vatican in May. It was hard to believe that they have only been performing together as…

  • Laura Snowden (11/22)

    Laura Snowden (11/22)

    Among the sizeable crowd that filed into the Redmaids’ Performing Arts Centre on a recent November evening, one would imagine that there was no shortage of knowledge and experience of the classical guitar. However, it’s unlikely that any had seen anything quite like the performance to which Laura Snowden treated us.

  • Alexandra Whittingham (04/22)

    Alexandra Whittingham (04/22)

    Not only is the novelty of Alexandra’s masterful playing and engaging, genuine presence a loud and clear demonstration of the new wave of classical guitarists around us: young, extremely talented, many of them – finally – female, and making full and agile use of online platforms, no longer at the mercy of promotors and recording labels,…

  • Mēla Guitar Quartet

    Mēla Guitar Quartet

    Concert SeriesRed Maids’ Performing Arts CentreSaturday 13th November 2021 How on earth did they play those notes in Flight of the Bumblebee encore? Answer at the end. The Mēla Guitar […]

  • Xuefei Yang (11/14)

    Xuefei Yang (11/14)

    Concert SeriesRed Maids Performing Arts Centre Saturday 22 November 2014 A capacity audience enjoyed this excellent recital, which took place in Bristol Classical Guitar Society’s usual venue of the Performing […]

  • Craig Ogden (03/15)

    Craig Ogden (03/15)

    Concert SeriesRed Maids Performing Arts CentreSaturday 7 March 2015 Craig Ogden has the air of someone happily fulfilling his destiny. He is perfectly at ease doing what he was evidently […]

  • Copenhagen Guitar Duo 2019

    Copenhagen Guitar Duo 2019

    Concert Series Red Maids’ Performing Arts Centre Saturday 23rd November 2019 It pays to get out and about. BCGS members Barry Corbett and Vince Smith saw the Copenhagen Guitar Duo […]

  • Duo Cannella-Dubès

    Duo Cannella-Dubès

    Concert Series Red Maids’ Performing Arts Centre Saturday 27 April 2019 The Duo Cannella-Dubès specialise in creating a fresh historical insight into the guitar. They play 19th century Panormo instruments […]