Guest Artist – Luke Bartlett (06/22)

Visiting Artists series:
Luke Bartlett
Thursday 9th June 2022
Unitarian Chapel, Brunswick Square

The BCGS is proud to sponsor Luke Bartlett in his studies in Guitar at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama under Helen Sanderson. He is currently finishing his second year and is visiting us this evening to present and share the music he has been working on.

The first piece, Little Snow, by composer Angel Lam, was commissioned by the Guitar Foundation of America in 2021. Luke contrasted the quietly melodic first section nicely with the tense and surprising second section, showing great control of harmonics, string bends and tremolo. Next, Daniel Bacheler’s renaissance arrangement of Monsieur’s Almaine requires control of a different kind, with stately lute quality and a clear tone that Luke provided admirably.

Farewell to Stromness from Peter Maxwell Davies’ Yellow Cake Revue is well known to many. Fewer realise how hard the piece, originally for piano, is to play on the guitar. Again, Luke showed a careful understanding of a modern Scots lament. The next piece, Folia de España in Giuliani’s theme and variations, was a step back in time, and unfamiliar to many present. A wonderful piece with high technical demands needing all the player’s attention.

Luke ended with Six Balkan Miniatures by Serbian-born composer and classical guitarist Dušan Bogdanović. This collection was a delightful eye-opener for us, a collection of dances and songs full of energy, regional idiom and lyricism, foregrounding the development in Luke’s technique.

Luke first came to the Society aged fourteen. The progress he has made as a musician and a stage presence, is as impressive as it is delightful. Congratulations Luke, and thank you for an evening of such variety and musicianship.


Little Snow                                                                                     Angel Lam (1978 – )        

Monsieur’s Almaine                                                                    Daniel Bacheler (1572 – 1619)

Farewell to Stromness                                                                Peter Maxwell Davies (1934 – 2016)

Six Variations sur les Folies d’Espagne, Op. 45                     Mauro Giuliani (1781 – 1829)      

Six Balkan Miniatures                                                                 Dušan Bogdanovi (1955 – )

  1. Jutarnje Kolo (Morning Dance)
  2. Žalopojka (Lament)
  3. Vranjanka
  4. Makedonsko Kolo (Macedonian Dance)
  5. Široko (Wide Song)
  6. Sitni Vez (Tiny-knit Dance)

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